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Motionball's Recipe for Success

Paul Horton & Annelise Milliken///Motionballignite calgary
ignite calgaryignite calgaryPaul Horton & Annelise Milliken///Motionball

As a country-spanning non-profit, Motionball knows the homegrown recipe needed for success. Motionball is a proud partner of Special Olympics Canada, which provides positive, engaging sport opportunities to hundreds of athletes with an intellectual disability.  Motionball’s goal is to introduce the next generation of volunteers and donors to the international movement through integrated social and sporting events.

Director of Motionball Calgary, Annelise Milliken states: “Community – that is [what] built us. We are a small grassroots organization that came from this random brainchild of an all-day sporting event... We embody that, and that’s the beauty of Motionball; it’s that we start small in every city and build it from there. What I’d say about Calgary in general is that we have that ‘Western Hospitality,’” Milliken says, “where we have [a sense of] community and are just natural givers. Especially [with Motionball] we have so many dedicated volunteers. They will do any and everything and are always willing to raise a hand.”

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